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  • Routine Planned Admission : On arrival; at the time of admission complete all the booking formalities i.e. Payment of booking deposit and procedure deposit.
  • Emergency Admission : In an emergency you can get admitted to the hospital any time. Any admission directly to the ICU is taken in deluxe class and above only


  • Upon admission you will be sent to the room allotted to you.
  • One relative will be allowed to accompany you and the other relative will be required to wait at the admission counter to complete the admission formalities i.e. payment of deposit, signing the admission papers, etc.

The relative will be handed the 24-hour attendant pass, one visitor pass and one car parking pass which should be kept and returned to the admission counter

Planned Admission

  • Meet the TPA Executive at the helpdesk
  • Submit the required Documents for the request form at TPA helpdesk
  • The Executive will fill in the request form with your complete details & signatures
  • The form will then sent to the concerned consultant for filling in the medical details of the patient
  • The request form with other documents will then be sent for approval
  • The patient / relatives are then informed on whether or not they have received the required approval

Emergency Admission

  • The patient is admitted on the basis of the TPA I-Card
  • If the procedure is done within 24 hrs, you will be required to pay the complete amount
  • You will be given refund of the same once the approval is received
  • The TPA executive meets the relatives of the patient and explains the procedure to them
  • The executive will fill in the request form with your complete details & signatures
  • The form will then sent to the concerned consultant for filling in the medical details of the patient
  • The request form with other documents will then be sent for approval
  • The patient / relatives are then informed on whether or not they have received the required approval

Please note that :

  • Refund will be given as per the terms and conditions of approval letter received from the TPA
  • Please note that, in case of mediclaim request being rejected, you will not be able to get the refund as mentioned above. You will be required to pay the complete bill amount to the hospital.
  • We would like you to do your cardiac consultation with a priority consultant, as it would familiarize them with the case. This is important as it ensures smooth processing of the process of approvals from the respective insurers.
  • In case you do a consultation with your family doctor / cardiologist, please make sure that proper information with respect to your medical details have been passed on to the consultant at in the form of doctor reports.
  • It is advised that you consult the TPA helpdesk at least 3 days prior to the date of admission, as the approval process can take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours.
  • Please ensure you have the following documents when you come for the mediclaim procedure:
    • Policy Copy/ Card of TPA
    • Previous Medical Reports
    • Consultation Papers

For any further assistance on the same you can call our TPA desk at 2374 0000 BETWEEN 10.00 AM to 6.000 PM

Procedure of Admission varies from Organization to Organization & Scheme to Scheme. The details can be obtained from our Admin Help desk at 2374 0000. Employees or beneficiaries are advised to carry their ID card/approval letter of their organization/ scheme at the time of admission or enquiry.

Admission Rules

  • Planned admissions are made by prior appointment and bed booking only
  • Admission to the class desired, is subject to the availability of room / bed.
  • Bed charges are inclusive of meals, for the PATIENT ONLY.
  • Emergency charges are levied for surgery done in emergency or on Sundays / Hospital holidays / after 4.00 PM on any working day / unscheduled cases on any day @ 50% of routine charge.
  • All direct admissions to the ICU will be in Deluxe class or above only
  • All charges are subject to revision without prior notice.


Billing assistance is given to the patients at every stage of their stay in the hospital. A billing counseling is done immediately after the admission. Two types of bills are generated in the hospital viz:
  • Interim Bill : Interim Bills are usually generated every alternate day. The interim bills will give you an idea on the hospital expenditure as on that day and the amount outstanding in your account, if any. In case of outstanding you will be required to settle the same within one day. The bill will be sent to your room. You can contact the billing department if you require any clarifications on the bill details.
  • Final Bill : At the time of discharge, the final bill will be generated. This will consider all the interim bills and the reservation deposit paid. Please note that the advance deposit can be adjusted only against the final bill and not against the interim bills. In case, you are discharged on a Sunday Holiday / non-office hours, you can collect your final bill on the next working day. We will be taking an approximate bill amount plus a security amount as deposit before discharge, which will be considered at the time of final bill.
(Please note: The refunds are made by Cheque only and in the patient's name. They are processed within 7 days of discharge can be sent by courier if required.)


  • Cash
  • Credit Card with surcharge of 2% on Debit & Credit Cards
  • Demand Drafts
  • Fund Transfer – swift code
  • Cheque issued by Companies / Charitable Trusts.


  • Please come to the hospital with 2 relatives / attendants for convenience of completing the admission formalities.
  • Please ensure that you follow all the instructions given by your consultant.
  • Please come with all your previous medical reports.
  • Come in with a list of your prescribed medication in generic names.
  • Tests like HIV and HbsAg will be carried out at Balaji Hospital
  • Please carry the required deposit amount.

DON’T’s : Please do not carry the items mentioned below to the hospital

  • Ornaments and Valuables
  • Eatables
  • Clothing / Bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Medicines
  • Visitors are requested not to carry any flowers or gifts.
  • In case of relatives, only ONE baggage will be permitted in the ward (Deluxe Class & Suite Class only). Rest will required to be deposited at the security counter.


  • The hospital kitchen provides Vegetarian meals. Additional fruit juices and snacks may be provided through the cafeteria, which shall be charged extra. Outside food and utensils are not permitted inside the hospital.
  • Relatives are requested to utilize the cafeteria for all their food requirements. Kindly acknowledge, any orders which are non routine, will take 15 minutes to reach you , kindly bear with us on the same.

Bedding and Clothing

Bedding from outside is not allowed. Provision of bedding for your relative is made as follows:
  • Suite class : separate single room with a bed
  • Deluxe room : sofa-cum-bed
  • Twin sharing : Sofa
  • Common class : on a nominal charge of Rs. 300/- per night
Your relatives can avail laundry service on payment. Please call housekeeping


Long distance call services can be availed through the operator on chargeable basis. Public phones are provided in the lobby and on the first floor. Please contact any hospital staff for help.

Blood Bank

As the hospital has a policy of using only fresh blood for any procedure when required. Requirements for the same are met by the hospital blood bank and are chargeable. We have received FDA certificate of approval for storage of Whole Human Blood and tied up with 3 mother blood banks for procuring the same. These are
  • Prince Ally Khan Hospital, Mazgaon Blood Bank
  • Masina Hospital Blood Bank
  • Indian Red cross Society Blood Bank


The hospital runs a pharmacy shop on the ground floor during day time (8 AM to 6 PM). No medicines / consumables are permitted to be brought from outside.

Bed Transfer

At times a patient may require a transfer from his ward; either from a higher class to a lower class or vice versa. In case of bed transfers the charges applicable are of the new class from the date of admission. In case a patient requires transfer from a higher class to a lower class, he will require the approval of the Administrator. Please note that no patient shall be downgraded while in the ICU. Transfer of a patient from a lower to a higher class, will depend on the patient / relatives request for the same and the availability of the wards in the specified class.


Two passes are allotted per patient.
  • Pass I : One relative / next of kin will be issued a 24 – hour pass, and they can stay with the patient during the entire stay in the hospital. For a suite class patient the hospital issues two 24 – hour pass.
  • Pass II : The second pass will be only for the visiting hours in the wards. The hospital has definite visiting hours for other relatives / friends.
  • 10.00 am to 11.00 am
  • 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm
The ICU visiting hours is from 10.00 AM and only three visits are permitted in a day.

Family Physician’s Visit

  • The family physician of the patient is issued a DOCTORS PASS by the reception counter.
  • The family physician is requested to give his / her visiting card at the counter when they come to visit the patient as the pass will be issued on the same.
(*Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to stay with the patient or visit the patient)

Room Retention

While you are in the ICU, your relatives can retain the rooms in the floor only, subject to availability, on extra payment.

Useful Information

  • While you are at the hospital, we have wonderfully designed health check packages that could be utilized by your relative / attendant.
  • You can get a special private nurse for your patient on additional payment. Kindly contact the nurse in charge for the same.
  • For the well being of all the patients, kindly ensure that you limit the number of visitors meeting you when you are hospitalized
  • Kindly contact the Customer Care Desk for arranging your travel & local sight-seeing needs. You may also contact customer care by email:
  • Ambulance: You can make a request for an ambulance at the Reception Counter. Spot payments should be made for the ambulance services. Please contact 2374 0000 for availing ambulance services.
  • A Customer care executive is available from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. for all your queries during and after your stay in the hospital. Contact:
  • Complementary airports pick up and drop is available with prior intimation.
  • Assistance can be provided to arrange for hotel accommodation for relatives. Contact customer care email:
  • Dollar conversion facility available.
  • Flowers are not permitted in the hospital.

Patients Responsibility

As a patient it’s your responsibility to
  • To provide all personal and family health information needed to provide you with appropriate care. This includes reporting if you are in pain, or require pain relief.
  • To participate to the best of your ability in making decisions about your medical treatment, and to comply with the agreed upon plan of care.
  • To ask questions to your consultant / physician / doctor or other care providers when you do not understand any information or instructions
  • To inform your physician or other care provider if you desire a transfer of care to another physician, caregiver, or facility
  • To be considerate of others receiving and providing care
  • To observe facility policies and procedures, including those regarding smoking, noise, and number of visitors.
  • To accept financial responsibility for health care services and settle bills promptly